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Giggs Mutton Seekh Kebab

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Giggs Mutton Seekh Kebab

₹ 260 ₹ 520 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Pack size : 500gms

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Product Description

The Gigg’s mutton seekh kebab is a timeless classic. It brings to you all the wonderful flavours and richness of this mouth-watering dish in a convenient package. Sit back and relax and let Gigg’s mutton seekh kebab do all the hard work. It has the ultimate blend of spices and is made from the most tender and juiciest of our own special mutton cuts. You will not have to bother about freshness and hygiene. This ready-to-eat meat is prepared without preservatives and with the freshest of meats. Thus, our mutton seekh kebabs have very short shelf life. All the more reason to grab a packet of this delicious meat for yourself by the earliest.


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