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Giggs Mutton Mince (Keema)

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Giggs Mutton Mince (Keema)

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Pack size : 500gms

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Product Description

The Gigg’s mutton mince is an excellent choice for the calorie conscious as well as for flavour chasers. It is all meat and less fat. With 90% meat and only 10% fat, this first-rate meat-to-fat ratio ensures you great flavours and guilt-free indulgence. Mutton mince is a good source of minerals like vitamin A and potassium. The mince is prepared with great attention from pieces of meat which are trimmed off from primal cuts with little connective tissues and cartilage. The mince is all muscle and no bone so that you can easily craft it into burger patties, pie fillings and pasta sauces. It is perfect for traditional mutton keema and as stuffing for naans and samosas.


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