Refund Policy

(last updated on 23-MAY-2022)

We value our relationship.

Our return and refund policy is simple and easy. We have a "no questions asked return and refund policy" which means that all our customers can return the product either at the time of delivery or till any time before the expiry date of the product as mentioned on the product packaging.

The amount will be refunded within 72 hours to the same payment method (credit card/ bank account/ wallet) as was used to purchase the product or to your bank account. The period of refund may also depend on various banking and payment channels. We will not be liable for any errors or delays in a refund due to banks or third-party service providers. No refund shall be made in cash.

A request for a return or refund once made can be cancelled by contacting Customer Care at

Customer Cancellation

The buyer may choose to cancel the order only within five minutes of placing the order. In the event of cancellation, the buyers are entitled for 100% refund for the prepaid Orders. All refund amounts shall be credited to the buyer's account as may be stipulated as per the payment method chosen by the buyer. The estimated timelines for the refund to reflect in the buyer's account is 5-7 days.